Project Management is Essential for Marketing Too!

Project plans and other project management tools are not only for large-scale technical, construction, and manufacturing projects. But they are also a necessity for marketing campaigns, big and small. Essentially all projects have the same basic management needs. You may have heard the excuse with regards to the management of a marketing campaign; “It’s only a small project or it’s not technical, it’s not worth the time and effort of putting together a project plan. We can just use a spreadsheet”.

However, this approach has massive risks. Bringing a marketing campaign to life on schedule, within budget, and with resources who still want a life, necessitates careful project planning.

Successful Marketing Campaign Execution requires:
• Estimating team work efforts accurately and recognizing dependencies
• Managing scope change through analysis, options, opportunity costs/trade-offs, and formal communications with the stakeholders
• Anticipating risks and devising contingency plans to manage them
• Meeting project financial targets
• Reporting project status accurately, transparently, and in a timely manner
• Creating open channels of communication and ongoing collaboration
• Administering basic project tasks such as project setup and status reports
• Ensuring that work is delivered within the established timeframe and to a high standard

In addition, use a common workspace such as a Microsoft SharePoint or Teams site that is accessible by all stakeholders to post documentation, schedules, issues, and the project plan. Contact me for additional ideas and recommendations as well! Happy, successful marketing!

If you are a consulting company or corporate program owner that wants help managing a project so it will stay on schedule and within budget without any dreadful scope creep issues, please contact [email protected] today!